Le livre Delhi & Mumbai Laelo Photographie Laurent Ouisse Photographs est disponible dans les librairies suivantes : Librairie Marguerite, Vent d’ouest et Géothèque à Nantes, Librairie des Libres Champs à Paris et en commande partout dans le monde.

Delhi on March

I don’t feel alone. I am inhabited by these million solitudes. I am strolling. I am caressing with my eyes, these stray crowds, of poor folks who are slaving away like beasts of burden, all these failures of life, these villains as they should be, all these lives of lost opportunities, of smiles as well, smiles which do not always get lost if we dare to take a little bit of our so precious and yet so insufficient time. What’s the point of letting it surface, this amazing kindness which they don’t know what to do with.
I would like to be a bee who would describe in concentric circles, to teach my co-workers the colour codes of Bombay, the polychrome and Delhi, which plays it in matching shades.

Text Laurent Ouisse (Translated by Mithun Ghosh)