Le livre Delhi & Mumbai est disponible à la Librairie du Festival La Gacilly 2019, à Paris Librairies Libres Champs et Livres et Objets du Monde, à Nantes dans les Librairies, Géothèque et Hab Galerie et partout dans le monde sur commande.

Delhi's Dance 2009/2010

New Delhi, Old Delhi…, the names are dropped. At liberty, as there aren’t any concrete points of reference between the old and the new. We could say Delhi is mocking its cardinal points, that the city played them in dices, misplacing its axis. Even its light is indecisive to take clear directions, it seems to have something else to do. Like all these people who are going, coming, busy with living and surviving, these rickshaws banging in all directions, like bees which sometimes don’t fly anywhere, stop and then wait. Wait for the images to descend in the streets, images which also wait for Delhi to dance, for trains to leave on time.
Time! That of this urban ‘modernity’? Have no fear, we take care of everything. “We arrange everything for you, daily, night and day”. A real Pandora’s Box in the opposite sense, India fascinates me and in my head, Delhi dances.

Text Laurent Ouisse (Translated by Mithun Ghosh)