Le livre Delhi & Mumbai est disponible à la Librairie du Festival La Gacilly 2019, à Paris Librairies Libres Champs et Livres et Objets du Monde, à Nantes dans les Librairies, Géothèque et Hab Galerie et partout dans le monde sur commande.

Common Theme

Common theme is an exibition bringing togheter a hundred of photographies achieved between 1993 and 2003, mostly monochromes photographies.
The idea of beginning to get back on this time a great numbers of pictures in order to unwind the thread, number that have set down on forty, and that i have exceeded bigger by half, this number stood out.
Common theme is a false season and a true tremendous feat for me.
This is a journey deep into contact-sheets wich main goal isn’t to make a « selection of hightlights » but rather a kind of bestiary, to make a Prévert’s assessment.
An attempt to get theatre photographies and landscapes to enter into dialogue, an hen with a lizard, a river with a cathedral… some spectacular with ordinary.
In 1993, i came back to Nantes and settled down. The nice dormant awoke to the rhythm of the town festival « les Allumés » and of its alternative.
The plentiful industrial wasteland swarmed with designers’s workshops of any and all kind.
In there, i found in this incredible crucible the heat of inspiration, as a wind of madness.
From there are born many artistics collaborations, meetings too and a few journeys.

Laurent Ouisse

If Prévert could have suspected that by forging an inventory as a bestiary, dipped into asphalt and Automn Leaves, Laurent Ouisse would have captureed reflections and repercussions, inspired by swell, forms as magical as chaotic, faces dampening the unexpected and the « non » tamed, making us remenber that with photographics brainwaves, everything ends and starts again, over and over, through a wild vision, lacking in apprehensions and fears…tasty on the look out.
G CZ 2007